26-27/3: ZOH GIORTH A two day festival on homesteading and self-sufficiency
15 Μαρτίου 2016
11-12/6: ΖΩΗ ΓΙΟΡΤΗ – Ένα διήμερο φεστιβάλ για την οικιακή οικονομία της αυτάρκειας
22 Μαΐου 2016
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16-17/4: Introductory course to Mediterranean Permaculture with Giuseppe Sannicandro


Introductory course to Mediterranean Permaculture with Giuseppe Sannicandro

16-17 April, in the farm of Nea Guinea in Nea Makri, Attica, Greece

This two day course combines theoretical sessions with practical activities and covers the basics of permaculture thinking and interacting with the landscape, specializing on concepts and techniques relevant to the Mediterranean Climate.

Main topics:

Permaculture Ethics and principles

Reading the Mediterranean Landscape

Water management techniques for the Mediterranean climate

Giuseppe Sannicandro studied ethics and politics focusing on ecological issues and, at the same time, is looking at ecology as the only possible source of solutions. He started and coordinated for many years a local buying group with some friends, promoting organic agriculture, «Do It Yourself» products, and networks between farmers and consumers. Since he met permaculture he started to develop synergistic gardens, food forests, educational projects for children and young people focused on agroecology, natural and sustainable lifestyle. Since 2013 in his city, Bitonto, south of Italy, he manages an experimental site with different gardening techniques and a food forest with a group of passionate friends. He is also designing and giving consultancies for urban permaculture projects and some others in the countryside. He organizes and teaches in permaculture workshops and courses, in particular on water management, soil developement, gardening and food forest establishment.

Food: The food is vegetarian cuisine and includes breakfast, tea breaks, branch and dinner.

Accommodation: The Nea Guinea living quarters are equipped with two dormitory style rooms with bunk beds, with capacity of six and eight people respectively. Bathrooms are shared, with one indoor bathroom with toilet and bath and one outdoor shower with a washing basin.

Course fees: 60 EUR

For more information contact us at neaguinea@riseup.net