The workshop of energy self-sufficiency in Nea Guinea: Activities carried out in 2013
27 December 2013
23-31st August: ‘Build a small wind turbine’ construction course in Nea Makri, Greece
20 May 2014


Nea Guinea’s herbal medicine workshop has been running since 2009, developing different projects in order to inform, educate and encourage people to self manage their health, promoting herbal medicine as a tool for increasing self reliance and resilience of people an communities. Through a process of researching, learning, experimentating, working in groups and sharing skills and experiences, people that participate in the different projects, have the chance to get familiar to the use of medicinal plants and develop the confidence to get actively involved in the healing process, growing their own herbs and preparing their own remedies.

 The projects we run are:

 Herbal medicine education:

We organise seminars and courses consisting of theoretical and practical classes on growing, collecting, formulating and making herbal remedies.

 Web based medicinal plants library and publications:

We are currently working on a medicinal plants database in Greek that will be providing information on identification, properties, uses, cultivation and propagation details. We have published a brochure with texts on alternative health and healing, small herb monographs, herbal medicine recipes and processing techniques that we distribute on donation at social centers, festival and at our classes, seminars, and informative open events. At the moment we also working on a larger hand book that will contain all the information passed on our classes and seminars.

 Open informative talks and events:

We organize informative talks on the use of herbs in the context of self management of health and free practical workshops on creating small herb gardens and preparing herbal remedies. During these events, we distribute printed documents, herb seeds and seedlings encouraging people to start their own small herbal garden. Such events are organized in eco-festivals, social centers, schools and universities.

 Herb garden

Since last year we are working on building an open-to-visitors herb garden in Nea Guinea’s field in Nea Makri, Attica. This is the project’s central point for preservation and reproduction of the seeds, but also a reference point for the identification of different herb species.

 ‘Drogeria’ working group:

A working group involved with the production of herbal remedies focusing on: the production of effective and reliable medicine, researching the capabilities of different herbs as healing mediums and the collection, evolution and dissemination of knowledge relevant to the production and use of herbal medicine formulations.

 Alternative healing space:

A project coordinated by different therapists that cooperate with nae guinea and involves offering treatments at a very low price. Alternative healing space includes practices like herbal medicine, reflexology, thai massage, ayurvedic massage, acupuncture and Chinese cupping.