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30/03-03/04: Course on Agroecology with Valerie Vanneste and Jonathan Peat in Nea Makri, Greece

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Cultivation of the earth according to the principles and practices of Agroecology

Nea Guinea (neaguinea.org) in collaboration with Terre & Humanisme (terre-humanisme.org) organised a five day introductory course on the basic principles and practices of Agroecology. The course took take place in the field of Nea Guinea in Nea Makri, from Monday 30th of March until Friday 3rd of April. Through a series of theoretical and practical activities, the participants had a chance to familiarise themselves with the basic principles and practices of Agroecology, and at the same time gained the necessary technical skills and knowledge in order to start their own agroecological vegetable garden. An outline of the subjects that were be covered throughout the course is the following:

  • Understand what is a living soil and climate observation
  • Understand the plants and soil needs
  • Learn how to make a basic garden compost
  • How to start a vegetable plot: plants, seedlings, swales
  • How to cultivate basic vegetable, plant rotation, water management
  • How to use gardening tools

Teacher Valerie Vanneste:

Valerie has been trained as a landscape designer, and has worked in project management for various industries over 15 years. Ten years ago the importance of becoming self-sufficient in food production changed her views and practices. She discovered permaculture and agroecology. Since then, she has trained with numerous people on her way to achieve better knowledge of her environment. Today, her skills are directed towards designing sustainable human habitats and creating living soil to support our need for food. Valerie runs a center near Toulouse called ‘La Bouzigue’ (www.fermebouzigue.com)

Teacher Jonathan Peat:

Jonathan is half Greek and half English. He was born in London in 1962 and brought up in Samos, Athens and London. He has been a mountain guide for over 25 years taking groups to the Greek islands and the mainland, the French and Spanish Pyrenees and Morocco. He is a qualified guide. He has recently qualified as a workshop coordinator with Terre and Humanisme, an organization that specializes in teaching people about Agroecology. He is a keen gardener, musician and artist.

The course was in taught in English, with simultaneous translation in Greek.

Schedule: The five day course started at 9:00 morning and finished at 17:30 in the evening of every day (7 hours daily, with tea breaks and a lunch break).

Accommodation: Course participants were provided with a bed in the bunkhouse of Nea Guinea in Nea Makri.

Food: Meals included a vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day of the course.

Some photos from the course can be seen here.