Botanical garden

For the past three years, the construction of an open, accessible herb garden has been underway, with the aim of creating a reference point for the identification and study of herbs and the development of a living seed bank. This garden is located in the field of Nea Guinea in Nea Makri and covers an area of 500 square meters. Currently, more than 100 different types of medicinal herbs are grown in the garden. Most emphasis has been placed on herbs that are native to Europe, while there are also some American and Asian species widely used in the respective herbal traditions.

The main activities taking place in the herb garden at the moment include:

  • the creation of seedlings of medicinal herbs for distribution at open events on herbal medicine in the context of self-management of health.
  • the breeding and cultivation of herbs that serve as raw material for the herbal therapy seminars.
  • seed production for the enrichment of the New Guinea seed bank.

The botanic garden is now the venue for the practical workshops organised as part of the herbal therapy seminars. It will also soon start hosting educational activities for children and adults, open information events and guided tours.