One of the main objectives of our health action is to develop and share the necessary knowledge and techniques that will help us to redefine our basic needs in relation to health care and personal hygiene and to look for new sustainable and ecological ways to meet them. Our educational activities aim to promote familiarity with the idea of self-management of health and active involvement in the process of producing safe natural products that are as effective and stylish as those on the market.


Herbal therapy seminars

It is a series of three two-day seminars which aim to give participants the opportunity to become familiar with the use of the…


Seminar on herb cultivation and herb garden construction

It is a two-day seminar of 12 hours duration that aims to offer…


Seminars on the preparation of natural cosmetics

It is a series of four independent one-day seminars which aim to give participants the opportunity to…


Soap making seminar

In this seminar, through the history of soap we approach the different methods of preparation and use. We explain the chemistry of…

Seminars and courses that have been held