Growing and collecting mushrooms

It was a series of educational activities that aimed at familiarizing the students with the basic concepts of mycology and the presentation in practice of the cultivation cycle of mushrooms, while the lessons included the presentation of the necessary morphological characteristics for identification and the basic principles of mushroom collection in nature. In the first module, basic concepts of mycology and mushroom cultivation were developed and the basic stages and cultivation conditions of selected species were analysed. At the same time, practical cultivation lessons were held so that each participant could follow the whole cultivation cycle in practice. The second session presented introductory information on the taxonomy, ecology and biodiversity of mushrooms. The basic principles of collection and the main morphological features – necessary for species identification – were given. Then the main categories of mushrooms were studied and the most common edible and poisonous mushrooms of Greece were presented. At the end of the second cycle there were field trips for practical training in the collection and identification of native mushrooms.