Knitting seminars

The aim of the seminar is to get familiar with basic knitting techniques so that we can make useful objects (e.g. scarves, hats, gloves) and decorate them with knitted ornaments.

Specifically, the content of the seminars is as follows:

Part 1: getting familiar with the materials, basic terminology, learning to pass points and close the knit, learning to work in good and reverse, making samples. (we need 5-8 size needles – big ones are better because it’s easier in the beginning -, yarn whatever you like, I suggest something simple and cheap).

2nd part: we learn to pass different colors and make patterns with the colors, we learn different simple knitting (elastic, yarn over…), mistakes-tips. We decide on the project we want to work on. (we need needles, yarn, honeycomb or square paper, pencil, crochet hook size 3-4).

Part 3: we work on or even close the projects, we learn how to make decorations with wool: tassels, crochet patterns and whatever else everyone desires (we need yarn, needles, crochet, cardboard).