The “LIVING CELEBRATION” is a two-day festival on the home economy of self-sufficiency organized periodically by New Guinea with the following main objectives:

  • to highlight the ideas and practices of a sustainable lifestyle based on solidarity and cooperation.
  • support the creation of solidarity economy structures, through which the producer-consumer relationship is redefined on a basis of trust and transparency.
  • to inform and further open the debate on current socio-ecological issues.
  • promote the exchange of knowledge and practical skills related to meeting basic needs for a greater degree of self-sufficiency in our daily lives.

The festival includes an exhibition and sale of organic products, presentations, information events and practical workshops, through which producers and processors share their knowledge and skills with the participants. It is accompanied by musical and theatrical events and activities for children.

Through this celebration we seek to bring as many people as possible in touch with the values of another world, cooperative, solidarity and sustainable by emphasizing:

  • the use of sustainable farming practices (natural, biological, biodynamic, cultivation), rejecting the industrial model that requires huge inputs of energy and natural resources.
  • supporting and promoting small producers and solidarity economy structures
  • the conservation and dissemination of indigenous plant and animal varieties, against the dominance of biotechnology over genetic material.
  • in self-management of basic needs using natural ways of building, renewable energy, intermediate technology and natural healing methods.
  • the development of resistance to the over-consumptive model of life and the redefinition of needs on a sustainable and ethical basis so that they are met within the limits set by the natural and social environment.

Participants in the celebration include:

  • Farmers using sustainable farming practices that respect the environment (natural, organic, biodynamic, homodynamic farming).
  • Processors of agricultural products using gentle processing methods in small workshops.
  • Craftsmen who make utilitarian objects by working with natural materials using gentle methods.
  • Collectives dealing with ecological issues, fair and solidarity trade and self-management of basic needs.

To get to know each other through our efforts, to share all that we love and to go beyond!