Mediterranean Permaculture School (Permas School)

To Mediterranean Permaculture School (Permaculture School) includes educational activities that aim to impart basic design methods and practices, focusing on applications related to the Mediterranean climate. Through practical and theoretical workshops, we explore solutions to sustainability issues related to the organization of human activity and the management of natural resources at farm level, in order to cover a wide range of basic daily needs in food, water, energy and shelter. These workshops are organised in two-month cycles and aim to empower participants to take action towards positive changes that will benefit both their communities and the ecosystems around them. The project is supported by a team of Permaculture teachers from all over the country, each of whom has a great deal of experience in their field and great enthusiasm to pass on their knowledge!

The modules covered during the course are:

  • Introduction to the design system and practical applications of permaculture

  • Climate and Topography

  • Sectoral analysis + Activity zones

  • Planning process

  • Water collection and management – Landscaping for water retention

  • Soil: soil regeneration and enrichment

  • Autonomous power generation systems

  • Natural building

  • Sustainable food production systems (annual and perennial crops)

  • Urban and social permaculture