Permaculture applications

At the moment permaculture is a remarkable global movement involving individual and collective projects that put this design system into practice for the construction and management of human ecosystems. These ventures evolve in both rural and urban or peri-urban environments and show great diversity in terms of their characteristics and scale. They usually focus on one or more of the following themes:

  • Creating intentional communities with the aim of cooperation and mutual support to cover the basic needs of the participants (food, energy, education, housing) in the context of the household economy.
  • Sustainable management of food – timber production systems on a commercial scale.
  • Training and supporting people in the design and implementation of permaculture systems.
  • Restoring natural ecosystems and supporting populations affected by natural disasters or destructive human interventions in local ecosystems.
  • Restoration of the urban landscape and the positive socialization of the city’s residents.
  • Creating a living – healthy environment to support natural healing techniques and self-improvement practices.

On you can find an interactive map of permaculture projects around the world.