Permacutlture Design Course (PDC)

The aim of this seminar is to provide participants with the intellectual tools and practical skills necessary to design sustainable production systems that support and enhance natural complexity and diversity and meet the basic needs of the people who manage them by providing abundant multiple harvests.

The seminar lasts 12 days and covers the following topics:

  • values and principles underlying permaculture design
  • landscape analysis and data collection
  • methodology and design tools
  • strategies and adaptations for the main climate zones
  • water collection and management
  • K line design
  • forest ecology and agroforestry
  • polyculture systems
  • techniques for the propagation and cultivation of annual and perennial plants
  • rangeland ecology and controlled grazing systems
  • soil structure and ecology
  • techniques to rejuvenate and enhance soil fertility
  • energy autonomy at farm level
  • ecological building and bioclimatic architecture
  • planning human activity at the community level and developing a new local culture