Practical soap making guide

Practical Guide to Saponification: The 80 best recipes from the Natural Collection workshop and the New Guinea seminar notes in one book!

After 10 years of practical involvement with the subject, numerous courses and seminars and after we have now completed 4 tons of soap, all the experience and knowledge gained through the Natural Collection workshop and the educational activities in New Guinea, was systematized and recorded in a practical guide to soap making!

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This book is a practical guide for a creative journey of experimentation in the world of handmade natural soap in an ecological and sustainable way. It presents the 80 most successful recipes from the Natural Collection workshop and New Guinea soapmaking workshops, while providing all the information you need to create new recipes to meet your personal needs.

Through its pages, we will discover the history of soap in Europe and the Middle East and approach the different ways of making and using it. We will explain the chemistry of saponification and the differences between natural soap and synthetic detergents. We will describe in detail the cold saponification method for making solid soap and explain how to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Furthermore, we will study the properties of the natural raw materials used in soap making (oils, butters, herbs, essential oils, clays, etc.) and the properties they impart to the resulting soap. Finally, we will explore natural materials that give color, texture and smell to soap and describe different techniques that make the aesthetic result even more interesting.