Seminar on the design of power supply systems with renewable energy sources

A two-day seminar during which the basic parts of autonomous hybrid systems are analyzed, the process of preparing a preliminary study for such a system is fully analyzed and the installation of an autonomous system with photovoltaic and wind turbine for the electrification of a small house is carried out. Participants will be able to get in touch with the basic functions of the system parts such as the battery charge controller, the peak power point detector, the discharging load controller, the inverter and the batteries. The design and sizing process of such a system is then fully analysed through various examples of applications, while reference is made to market research and indicative equipment costs. Finally, the basic practical points of the installation are presented, such as the placement of the panels on a pergola or roof, the connection of the accumulators, the installation of the charge regulator and the inverter, the connection to the photovoltaic and the wind turbine, the calculation of the cables and the corresponding fuses, the lightning protection and the connection to the central panel and the loads of the house.