Sewing seminars for beginners

In this workshop participants learn how to design and create accessories and things for the home from scratch and how to transform old objects. During the sewing seminar, the fabric and the sewing machine can become the vehicles of our ideas and imagination. Participants learn how to design and create clothes from scratch or to transform and decorate old ones. They also learn to make useful accessories and things for the home. In combination with the sewing machine, they learn basic knitting techniques with needles and crochet. Initially, the students are introduced to the materials that will be used, as well as the basic seams of the sewing machine. During the workshop, the participants make a selection of the topics they will deal with, as time is limited and the tasks are many. Some of them are: a fabric scarf with pockets, a bag for shopping at the market, pillows with herb stuffing for the sleeping pillow or for the wardrobe, tobacco holders, a cover for notebooks, an apron for the kitchen, fabric wristbands with a view, clothing decorations. It goes without saying that we are open to new ideas and suggestions if something is possible! Our goal is free expression!