The farm

The farm of Nea Guinea in Nea Makri is an old olive grove of four acres designed according to the principles of Permaculture and is a field of application and experimentation for the study, evolution and adaptation of different techniques in a Mediterranean climate. The design includes different polyculture systems, water collection and management systems, living hedges, composting and wastewater management systems and infrastructure to support educational activities. The farm produces food from two vegetable gardens, herbs from a large herb garden and timber from the olive grove to meet the basic needs of the people involved in its cultivation, while also supplying the New Guinea kitchen during the seminars. Thus, it is an open classroom for the practical workshops organized in the context of the relevant seminars, while it also hosts open information events and guided tours.


The hospitality area

The guesthouse is an old house located 15 minutes walk from the New Guinea farm. It has a hospitality infrastructure consisting of dormitories, camping areas, kitchen and other common areas, which enable the project to accommodate up to thirty people during the conduct of multi-day training seminars or volunteer programs. Around the house there is a garden with hammocks, tables and baguettes for socializing and relaxing, and bicycles are available for rides to the sea. Along with the hospitality areas, the house has a technical workshop area where the practical workshops for the construction of small wind turbines and hydro-generators are held, as well as any construction needed on the farm.