Small hydroelectric project in a mountain farm – Ipati Oiti, March 2013

Alexandros has been living for five years in Rodokalo, the name of an estate on Mount Oiti at an altitude of 850 metres, on the edge of the park. The estate was used for farming for almost 100 years and then as a pasture. Today, its young inhabitants try every day to approach self-sufficiency, with respect to the history and natural wealth of the place. The estate has been planted with trees, vegetable crops, a cistern with trout and areas for goats and chickens, as well as hives with a few bees. Finally there is a small house for permanent accommodation and small storage areas for tools and materials.

New Guinea undertook to electrify the house and the storerooms, covering all the residents’ needs for electricity and hot water, as the property is far from the electricity grid. For this purpose, a small hydroelectric project was designed and a small water supply from a nearby aqueduct, which has running water all year round, was used. The water is fed into a 500W water generator, designed and built in New Guinea, where the energy of the water mass is converted into electricity which is stored in a small battery array. The system has the ability to cover all of the home’s electricity needs such as lighting, small appliances, washing machine, refrigerator and freezer. At the same time, and due to the continuous operation of the water generator, all the surplus energy is used for heating water for the bathroom and kitchen.