The principles of Permaculture

The ethical and design principles are a guide for the restructuring of human activity at all levels and are inherent in all systems implementing the permaculture system.

1. Observe and interact – To observe and interact

2.Catch and store energy – To capture and store energy

3. Obtain a yield

4. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback

5. Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services – Use and recognise the value of renewable resources and services

6. Produce no Waste – Produce no Waste

7. Design from Patterns to Details – Design starting from the broadest patterns and moving towards the details

8. Integrate rather than Segregate – Integrate rather than Segregate

9. Use Small and Slow Solutions – Use Small and Slow Solutions

10. Use and Value Diversity – Use and value diversity

11. Use Edges and Value the Marginal

12. Creatively Use and Respond to Change – Use and respond to change in a creative way.