Cutting – sewing lessons

The aim of the course is to introduce the basic concepts of cutting and sewing. We will learn to design, measure, create patterns, make and fix clothes, focusing mainly on the following: skirt, corset and trousers.

Lesson 1: Introduction to cutting, how we take your measurements

Lesson 2: Creating a skirt pattern in your size and to your measurements

Lesson 3: Cutting and assembling the skirt to your measurements.

Lesson 4: Creating a corset pattern in size

Lesson 5: Creating a corsage pattern to your measurements

Lesson 6: Rehearsing and rehearsing your pattern

Lesson 7: Converting a corset into a dress with your own design

Lesson 8: Dress cutting, rehearsal and re-curling

Lesson 9: Assembly and sewing principles of the dress

Lesson 10: Perfecting the dress, zipper placement

Lesson 11: Pattern of trousers in size

Lesson 12: Pants implementation, in personal size