Healing the relationship with our body with the help of nature


For us, health is a multidimensional concept that concerns all levels of existence and therefore we believe that ensuring it goes far beyond the possibilities of health care. In this context, we are developing this theme by organizing a series of actions to motivate, educate and support individuals and groups in the transition to a holistic view of health and in the development of the appropriate mental tools and practical skills that will enable the self-management of basic daily needs for its maintenance and restoration. Specifically, the actions of New Guinea aim to create processes through which:

  • reappropriate knowledge about our bodies and develop it experientially while exploring natural approaches to maintaining and restoring health.
  • to redefine our basic daily needs and learn to look at problems holistically, taking into account all the factors that affect our health status at the physical, social and mental level.
  • take responsibility for our health and mobilise ourselves to improve it, by actively engaging in the process of healing, so that we can ultimately achieve a balance between what we can do ourselves and what we receive from outside as goods and services.
  • to manage our daily needs and meet them based on our own knowledge and resources, using as sustainable and ecological practices as possible.
  • focus on methods and practices that will enable us to create new healthy connections with the natural environment and the people around us.
  • develop structures and relationships that will enable us to share knowledge and experience through everyday practice.


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One of the key objectives of our action in the health theme is to create structures and relationships that will help us to redefine the…