Preparation of herbal cosmetics and soaps

Regardless of the time and energy we invest in taking care of ourselves, we all have some daily personal hygiene and grooming habits that include the use of cleaning and cosmetic products. Depending on how meticulous you are with your personal care, you can use up to 15 different products in a day. Although the quantities we use every day are small and the packaging is slow to empty, if we calculate the total amounts of the different substances our skin absorbs, the waste we produce and the water we contaminate, over time, the numbers are far from insignificant. The power of habit largely shapes our daily lives and choices and influences our lives in a beneficial or destructive way. To harness this power and achieve positive change, we need to rethink entrenched norms about skin care and cleanliness and redefine our basic daily needs by looking for ecological and sustainable ways to meet them. So we can take the best possible care of ourselves and those who depend on our choices, without contributing our money to support destructive exploitation practices that degrade natural ecosystems and the value of human life.

In this context, the natural cosmetics and soap laboratory was created to promote the idea of redefining and self-management of basic daily needs for personal care and cleanliness, and at the same time to develop and transmit the necessary knowledge for active involvement in the process of producing safe, ecological products, as effective and stylish as those available on the market.

The activities of the workshop include:

  • the study of natural raw materials and the development of methods and techniques for the preparation of safe and effective ecological formulations.
  • organisation of information activities on the safety and cosmetic products and natural skin care.
  • organisation of educational activities for the preparation of natural cosmetics and soaps.
  • the publication of an educational and information material.