Past educational activities and collaborations

One of the main objectives of our health action is to develop and share the necessary knowledge and techniques that will help us to redefine our basic needs in relation to the health of our bodies and to look for new, sustainable and ecological ways to meet them. The educational activities that took place in the space that housed the project during the period 2009-2013 aimed to promote the familiarization and active engagement of the people who participated in the project with massage, Yoga, various types of dance and gymnastics, reflexology, Chinese medicine and aromatherapy among others.



Essential oils are mixtures of aromatic substances resulting from the distillation of aromatic plants and herbs. The essential oils contain all the volatile substances of the plant from…


Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient healing art that is part of the practices of traditional Indian medicine. It involves the use of herbal oils that enhance the body’s natural…


Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage is a set of techniques developed in Southeast Asia over 2500 years ago. These techniques are applied in order to…


Chinese medicine

The New Guinea training activities were an introduction to the basic principles and therapeutic methods of Chinese medicine. Starting with the basic books related to the…



Reflexology is a method of therapy that focuses on the pressure of specific points on the extremities of the body (feet, hands, ears) and aims to activate the therapeutic functions of the…



The educational activities that took place in New Guinea aimed to introduce the participants to the physical and mental practices of different kinds of…


Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient martial art, which was systematized in China around 1200 AD and has its basis in the principles of monastic Taoism. The training…


African dance

In Africa, rhythm permeates all aspects of life and dance accompanies many of the daily activities and ritual practices. The movements are inspired by the…


Self-defence tactics

The course of self-defence tactics aimed to awaken and strengthen the mental and physical preparedness of the individual/group against a situation…


Aerial acrobatics

The aerial acrobatics classes were an exploration in aerial dance techniques and an experimentation with the body redefining our relationship with gravity!

Seminars and courses that have been held