The laboratory for the production of herbal preparations Drogeria was created within the framework of the New Guinea Health Self-Management Workshop in order to highlight the practical applications of Herbal Medicine. It was prepared by a small group of people with relevant training and experience in the subject and was focused:

  • in the preparation of effective and reliable formulations.
  • exploring the potential of various herbs as therapeutic agents.
  • the collection, development and sharing of knowledge about the preparation and use of herbal medicinal preparations.

The main activities of the workshop were:

  • the production of preparations such as herbal mixtures, tinctures, herbal oils, waxes and soaps.
  • the operation of a health consultation room, which gave the opportunity to anyone who had a request that could be covered within the capabilities of the laboratory, to examine with our help the different alternatives offered by Herbal Therapy and come up with a personalized prescription.

The knowledge produced by the laboratory enriched the curriculum of the Herbal Therapy courses while the therapeutic preparations were made available for sale (or exchange) to cover the costs of the project.