Photovoltaic sign in a high school – Pallini, Attica, June 2013

The environmental team of the 2nd High School of Pallini this year undertook to study the production of electricity from the sun, in the context of the environmental education and physics lesson, where they met for the first time about electricity. The active teachers of the school decided to try experiential learning alongside the school’s educational programme. Together with New Guinea, the children of the energy-saving group built a 45W photovoltaic panel from scratch, sourcing the basic materials for its construction such as photovoltaic cells, glazing, adhesives and aluminium. Here you can see the video that the children made of the construction process.

In order to see the fruits of our labours in practice, we decided to electrify the photovoltaic panel we built with a luminous sign with a message from the environmental education team. New Guinea took over the installation with the help of the children. The sign is lit for a few hours at night using the energy generated during the day.