Photovoltaics on the roof for the ‘Cafe Taratsa’ of New Guinea – Gouvas Athens, May 2012

‘Cafe Taratsa’ at the roof, started its operation in September 2012 with the aim of creating a meeting and discussion space in the building of Nea Guinea in Pagrati, next to the very relaxing urban roof garden of the project with vegetables and herbs. At the same time, the possibility of using an outdoor space for events and screenings was created. The proceeds from the operation of the space supported the finances of the project, and the space was run by people who attended classes in New Guinea as an exchange or who volunteered to do so.

We decided to use the only renewable energy source from which electricity can be generated in the Gouvas of Pangrati, the sun, although the shading from adjacent buildings was intense but limited in the morning and afternoon hours. A 450W stand-alone photovoltaic system was designed and installed, consisting of ten photovoltaic panels of 45W each, which had been built in New Guinea in the previous year’s photovoltaic panel building workshops. The system stores energy in accumulators during the day and supplies it when there are consumptions, mainly in the evening hours. The cafe has a small fridge, kitchen utensils, chargers, lighting for indoor and outdoor use and sometimes a projector.