Small 1.5kW wind turbine for an autonomous system in a rural community in Semara – Ethiopia, October 2015

New Guinea, in continuation of its partnership with the Wind Empowerment network, has carried out a rural electrification project near the provincial town of Semara, in the Afar region of Ethiopia. For the needs of the system, a small wind turbine with a blade diameter of 3.6 m and a power of 1.5 kW was built in collaboration with the local university of Semara. The training seminar lasted 10 days with 24 participants, mainly students and teachers. The wind turbine was then installed in a rural community, 50km away from the town of Semara, to power a small district grocery store and the houses in the community. Together with the students of the university, an autonomous hybrid power supply system with a wind turbine and 600W photovoltaic panels was installed to light the houses, charge mobile phones and use a refrigerator.