The values of Permaculture


Caring for the earth

It refers to the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems. Man should treat all life forms with respect and recognise their rights to continue to exist and prosper. Human activity should be respectfully integrated into natural ecosystems, protect and promote complexity and diversity, and act as an agent of regeneration and stability.

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Care for the man

We should recognise and respect the basic rights and needs of all people that ensure survival and well-being at the individual and collective level. Ensuring a healthy living ecosystem surrounding human activity, access to land, water, seeds and healthy safe food, education, healthcare and employment are basic undeniable rights to sustain life. In addition, the needs for communication, free expression, safety, love, socialization and cultural identity are essential elements for a balanced psyche and healthy community interactions.


Fair Share - Redistribution of the surplus according to needs

Human activity should be shaped with respect and awareness of the limits set by natural ecosystems. Natural resources should be managed in such a way that all life forms can meet their basic needs and ensure that they have what they need to survive and thrive. When resources are surplus, they should be redistributed equitably to ensure the well-being of human communities and the natural ecosystems that surround them.