Past educational activities and collaborations

One of the main objectives of our food action is to develop and share the necessary knowledge and techniques that will help us to redefine our basic needs in relation to nutrition and to seek new sustainable and ecological ways to meet them. The educational activities that took place in the project’s premises during the period 2009-2013 were aimed at promoting the familiarity and active engagement of the people involved in the project with food gathering, production and processing.


Growing and collecting mushrooms

It was a series of educational activities that aimed to familiarize the students with the basic concepts of mycology and the…


Preparation of home brewed beer

It is a series of educational activities through which the stages of the process of the…


Food processing

It was a series of educational activities that aimed to give the participants the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional techniques and…


Vegan kitchen

The aim of the workshop was to give a complete picture of the vegan food system focusing on both the basic techniques and ingredients of vegetarian-vegan cuisine…