Solar pump in an organic field – Peratia, Lefkada, June 2013

Kostas and Hara are coordinators of the local Peliti Peratia group and for many years they have been organizing important work for the preservation of traditional varieties of horticultural seeds. They have organized a community vegetable garden in the village of Peratia where, in addition to the weekly open gardening day, they organize a monthly organic farming seminar to pass on their valuable experience in growing vegetables.

Just outside the village, they have land where they cultivate with natural methods vegetables, fruit trees, vineyards and keep some animals. They have been in this area since 1997 and apart from transforming it into a productive area of organic farming, they have occasionally hosted volunteers from Greece and abroad and organized a children’s garden, where children watched the process of the seed from planting in the earth to the processing of the food and then back to the soil the following year.

New Guinea undertook the replacement of the old pump, which supplied water to the property for irrigation and was powered by a petrol generator, with a solar pump. The pump operates from April to September and has the capacity to pump up to 15 cubic meters of water per day in mid-summer. The solar generator consists of panels with a nominal power of 750W and is located at a distance of 60 m from the well of 6 m depth. With the above system, two 5 cubic meter tanks are fed, one 65 meters and the other 15 meters higher than the well and on the slope, with which the farms are watered with natural flow.