The training activities that took place in New Guinea aimed to introduce the participants to the physical and mental practices of different types of yoga:

Hatha Yoga is an ancient art and science that uses special techniques (physical exercises, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, concentration and meditation techniques) to explore and awaken the body, breath and mind. It is a living and unique process for each of us, a conscious process of self-healing and transformation.

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic practice that focuses on the absolute synchronization of breathing and physical exercise through a specific series of asanas in a continuous flow. Breathing follows a specific technique (ujjayi) that aims to enhance the metabolic processes of the body and to focus attention in order to achieve meditative concentration in movement and control of the mind.

In Yin Yoga, knowing the course of the meridians and their relationship with the vital organs, we can activate and improve the flow of our vital energy through specific yoga postures. This practice is characterized by a longer stay in the postures combined with slow conscious breathing and focuses on stimulating and nourishing the deeper layers of the body.